1999 Summary

by Eve Ticknor

What an exciting, not to mention stressful, season we have had with our Peregrine family this year!

Again we feel “our” adult pair are the same as in the last 2 years. Peregrines tend to return to the same nest site as before if they perceive their nesting season to be successful, which means brooding eggs and raising chicks, even if these chicks didn’t hatch from these eggs!

This year we were able to follow nesting activities by way of a camera and monitors — courtesy of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation — at their Falcon Suite (air conditioned!). Thank you, Mark Nash and the CPF!

Egg-laying and brooding were evident between the last week of April and the 2nd week of May. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Natural Resources (Daryl Seip) and the Ottawa Field Naturalists’ Club Birds’ Committee, the Peregrine Committee started collecting volunteers ready to keep a watch over the developing chicks.

This year we were fortunate to have 2 ladies from last year’s watch to share the position of Volunteer Coordinator. Mary Ellen Arseneault and Terry Higgins made all the difference in the world! Working with a solid base set up by Bev McBride from the previous year, they were in contact with each volunteer, set up shift schedules and scrambled to change shifts for those whose work schedules or cruises were changed, who experienced illnesses or deaths in their families. All this, no specific “start” date yet, and both ladies did shifts around their own working schedules…! When we are looking at maybe 65 volunteers, thank you is not enough!!

It became evident that, in spite of diligent care, our 4 eggs were not going to hatch. The Canadian Peregrine Foundation was able to purchase 3 chicks from breeders in Ontario and Quebec! With much fanfare, these chicks — a female and 2 males — were banded, taken up to the nest ledge of the Crowne Plaza Hotel and placed on the nest in exchange for the eggs. Then we all waited with bated breath, watching the chicks and the adults on the monitors…. In minutes the adoption process was successful. We knew it was finalized when “dinner” was delivered!!

June 29th saw a packed room at the Falcon Suite for a Training Session. Daryl Seip (MNR) went over the Protocol, with the assistance of Dr Paul Gully regarding the handling of a downed chick. Eve Ticknor (Peregrine Watch Coordinator) went over pertinent information regarding the logistics and expectations of the volunteers, and all 3 were on hand to answer questions. At times Daryl seemed to take second place to the activities on the monitor!

We started our watch at 6 a.m. on July 4th, unable to gain access to our post on the roof!! Other than a few minor glitches, we covered all the daylight hours for nearly the entire month of July. Streamers were installed on the building at 240 Sparks by staff of the MNR in advance of the fledging period. The Falcon Suite, managed by Robyn Carlson for CPF, and the presence of our volunteers on the sidewalks attracted many people, including new volunteers for us!

Being a volunteer was exciting, and occasionally risky, as Bernie found out while doing “roof” duty. Diligent parents weren’t keen on his presence there and he was very glad to have borrowed a lawn chair!!

Our volunteers gave anything upwards of a few hours; many put in many hours… We have met wonderful people, and already have a list going for next year! The many observations from our volunteers, and from others working nearby, are invaluable.

Loft, our first chicklet to “fly” left the nest ledge on July 12th, followed later that evening by his brother, Preston. Their sister, Jessie, prudently waited a few days until she was ready. Unlike her brothers, she never did need rescuing.

In the summary of the 1998 Watch, Bev stated, “If we’re lucky, we will be able to apply what we’ve learned next summer when, who knows, there could be three or more fledglings to follow!” How much more right could she be? Jessie, Loft and Preston are all flying well and learning new skills from their parents.

Many “thank-yous” to:

  • All the volunteers (see list below)
  • The staff of Constitution Square who made things as easy as possible for us, especially access to their roof.
  • The staff of the Crowne Plaza Hotel who assisted us in returning chicklets to their nest ledge.
  • The staff of the Radisson Hotel who let Eve access a room to check on Loft, and made sure no one else would disturb him.
  • The staff at 240 Sparks who let us and MNR staff up to the roof to put up streamers.
  • The staff at the Wild Bird Care Centre for looking after Loft after his accident, and for being ready for just such an incident.
  • Dr Robin Roscoe of the Alta Vista Animal Hospital for her care of Loft after his accident .
  • Robyn Carlson who dropped everything to rescue Loft at the time of his accident, who helped us monitor the chicklets progress, who helped keep track of our volunteer schedule.
  • Mark Nash, of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, who let us share their Falcon Suite, who found our chicklets for us.
  • Sandy Garland of the Ottawa Field Naturalists’ Club, our webmaster, who faithfully put our observations on our web page, who relayed new volunteer info and questions to Eve (especially from a British Travel Writer, Nick Roe, who will be writing us up for the Telegraph of London!).
  • Dr Paul Gully who participated in our Training session and later assisted at the banding of our 3 chicklets.

Peregrine Watch Volunteers

NOTE: * All volunteers receive a star because they are all equally important to this venture regardless of the amount of time that could or couldn’t be given!
** for those who were able to give over 20 hours and
*** for those who gave over 40 hours!

* Allison Ken
* Allison Tim
* Anderson Jennifer
***Arseneault Mary Ellen
* Birkett Pam
***Bishop Roseanne
* Bonneville Paule
* Bowen Colin
** Bowker Art
* Burgess David
* Burgess Margaret
* Carriere Stephanie
* Chalk Ray
* Daniels Doug
* Drysdale Brent
** Farkas Stephen
* German Allan
* German Carol
* Haas Claire
* Hawkins Jill
** Higgins Terry
** Hoffe Ron
** Jeffrey Ian
* Kelly Chris
** Kelly Greg
* Krywicki Kathy
** Ladouceur Bernie
** Lafleur Bob
** Lane Don
* Lavioe Nancy
* Lavoie Tony
* Lewis Chris
* Lonergan Michelle
** Maitland Phil
* Maybee Bonnie
* Maybee Dick
* McBride Bev
* McGugan Jean
***McKenna Rochon Nathaleigh
* McLean Gordon
* McLean Maxine
***Meads Bonnie
* Molano Juan
* Moore Dave
** Moreau Gib
* Murphy Mike
** O’Neil Jim
* Palmer Karen
** Peterkin Bev
* Poisson Andre
***Pope Frank
* Pruden Nick
* Rawlings Beryl
* Rimmer Chris
* Roach Bob
* Roach Hayley
* Sander-Regier Renata
* Schnupp Randy
* Selby Colin
* Simard Michel
* Sirois Langis
** Smythe Dave
** Sullivan John
* Sylvester Mary
***Ticknor Eve
* Ticknor Richard
** Tryphonas Daphne
* von Schoenberg Paul
* Wright Bruce


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