2011 Local Activity Reports

July 7 [from Eve Ticknor, Peregrine Falcon Watch Coordinator] — Our falcon eggs have not hatched. We do not know why, but this happens from time to time in the falcon world. Connor and Diana are still here and will doubtless try again next year. Thanks to all of you who put your names forward to volunteer for the Watch this year. We hope to see you again in 2012.

May 13 [from Eve Ticknor, Peregrine Falcon Watch Coordinator] — At last we have eggs, though we will not be able to know how many this year. Diana is right behind a column near the northwest corner, which means our line of sight is blocked, and unless I can find someone in Tower C to check it out from that side, we will simply have to wait.

This puts our volunteer period most likely between the middle to late July! This also puts our usual numbers of volunteers at jeopardy, due to vacations, etc. Please email me if you can help.

May 13 [from Eve Ticknor, Peregrine Falcon Watch Coordinator] — Diana has finally decided where to brood her eggs. She has made it rather difficult for us, unless someone in Tower C can help with the occasional look. We’d need to know how many eggs. She is just a couple of pillars from the northwest corner, but hidden from anyone looking from Tower 1.

We expect fledging to take place mid-July.

May 10 [from Eve Ticknor, Peregrine Falcon Watch Coordinator] — All eyes on board! Although our falcons have been seen mating, there is no sign of eggs. I am asking those of you who have a view of the ledge on either side of the hotel to please see if you can see any sign of nesting. I know Diana has a habit of brooding in close to the inner wall, spread out like a dark gray pancake. Sometimes if you watch for a while, you can see a few tail feathers blowing in the wind, which will finally pinpoint the location. Can anyone in Tower C please ask a staff member who has a window over the ledge for permission to look out to check for nesting? Thanks!!

April 4 [from Eve Ticknor, Peregrine Falcon Watch Coordinator] — Yesterday afternoon I saw one of our falcons on the northwest corner of the Delta( former Crowne). It is time to start watching for signs of nesting. Chris and Anouk, May I count on you again to do the roof checks for now? I can get a few in but not often. Those of you with windows on the ledge level, either side, or who know someone with a window there, please look once in a while to see if you can see a falcon sitting on the gravel. Please let me know as we should be seeing this happen over the next 2 weeks.

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