Apparent nesting at Confederation Heights

Ivanhoe and Rowena appear to be incubating eggs at the Heron Rd. & Bronson nest site. As usual, we can’t actually see into the nest, so we can only guess at when we might see chicks. Most years, we expect the chicks to hatch in early May and fledge in mid- to late June.

At this point, we also don’t know if Diana and Janus have established a nest at the usual site at the Delta Hotel. We have not had roof access across the street at Constitution Square for the past two breeding seasons, which means there are only two ways to confirm the presence of eggs or chicks. One is to arrange for access to an office at 350 Albert that might have a view. The second is wait until there are chicks large enough and mobile enough to sit on a ledge.

There is a third possibly: that we will see no eggs or chicks by July, and be forced to conclude, once again, that the nest has failed.

I haven’t seen either downtown falcon on my early morning FLAP patrols downtown, but that’s to be expected if one is incubating eggs out of sight and the other is busy hunting.

4 thoughts on “Apparent nesting at Confederation Heights

  1. The downtown falcon has been spotted looking into an apartment highrise. If you would like a picture of him staring at a cat through the window, I can send one over.

  2. I can probably arrange access ti 350 Albert. Which floor, direction (North?) would be best?



    I’d love to see the cat/falcon picture!

  3. I did check from the ScotiaMcLeod offices a couple of times last year, but could only make out a wingtip. If you can think of a better place, please let me know. In any case, if there are chicks, they should pop into view at some point. (And I never did receive the cat/falcon pic.)