One down (by three ledges), one to go

Last night at sundown, only one falcon chick was visible on the nest ledge. This isn’t unusual, because they’re sometimes tucked into the back of the ledge for long periods of time.

Still, it seemed wise to at least quickly scan the base of the building before leaving, to make sure one of the chicks hadn’t fallen.

As I approached through the wall of trees that shields the lower part of the building, I was startled by the sight of a chick on a lower ledge, accompanied by the remains of a good meal.

So one has taken its first flight (at least), and the other probably won’t be far behind!

One thought on “One down (by three ledges), one to go

  1. I saw him this morning and he was screeching very loudly and when I left this afternoon he was still there and was quiet, in the same spot as the picture.