Chick confirmed at Heron

Falcon Watch volunteer Langis Sirois spent some time at Heron Rd. on Sunday evening and confirmed the presence of “one tiny all white chick”. Rowena (the mom) was sitting next to the nest, looking in. When she flew to a nearby perch, Langis was able to see the chick.

There may well be other chicks, but the high sides of the nest mean we’ll have to wait until they’re big enough to be seen.

Thank you, Langis!

2 thoughts on “Chick confirmed at Heron

  1. Dear Anouk and Langis,

    Many thanks for the great news.
    Any news of the nest downtown?

  2. Not yet. There were 3 eggs on April 28, and if we assume incubation began then, they should hatch within a week or so. I’ll try to go back for another look from the office across the street but may not be able to see anything.