Chick(s) at Heron Road?

Rowena, our resident female at 875 Heron Rd., continues to remain very visible, apparently standing rather than sitting in the nest. I still have no irrefutable proof of chicks, but the evidence is mounting.

On Sunday evening, I watched for about an hour, mostly in the rain. Alex joined me for the first half hour, then Carlos Barbery dropped by with Gillian Shields to add a Peregrine Falcon to his Baillie Birdathon tally (116!). None of us could see a chick, even when Rowena and Ivanhoe switched places, but visibility was poor.

Last night Rowena spent most of her time looking down into the nest, staring at something. I watched for about 45 minutes, hoping she would leave the nest so I could catch a glimpse of a chick. She never did leave — and, unlike my previous two visits, Ivanhoe didn’t make an appearance before dark. But I am 99% certain I saw a chick’s head appear very briefly over the top of the nest!

I’ll keep checking the nest over the coming days to look for more evidence and hopefully get a photo of fluffballs.


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