P1130491This evening, I finally got to see how much the Heron Rd. chick has grown!

Since I took the last photos, on June 4, it’s been a challenge to get back to the nest site. Pouring rain and howling winds kept me away some of the time, as did the need to get some work done around the house and garden. Alex and I dropped by last Sunday, but the falcons were hiding from the hot sun, I guess. We didn’t see the adults or chick.

So tonight, I was eager to see how the little one is doing at about four weeks of age. And what a surprise! I swear s/he has more than doubled in size, and is now sporting a spiky new look as the feathers grow in. The malar stripes (the dark mark below each eye) are now apparent, as is the blue skin around the eyes.

Fledging is not far off now, which is why the Falcon Watch starts a week from now, on Wednesday, June 19. We’re still looking for more volunteers to help us keep an eye on the chick as it takes it first flights, and to rescue it if necessary. Find out more on the Volunteer page of this website.

Also of note, as I was watching the falcons, I noticed two Black-crowned Night Herons flying overhead, headed roughly from the Rideau River near Bronson to Sawmill Creek south of Heron Rd.

3 thoughts on “Feathers!

  1. Hi Anouk
    I would like to use the picture and much of the text in your latest update on the Heron Road falcon chick in the next issue of our community newspaper, the Heron Park Herald. Would that be OK? We live nearby and have a keen interest in our little friend. PS I was looking for him last week and couldn’t spot him. I thought I saw the nest on the east side of the building but I couldn’t see any birds.

  2. Sure. Can you also put out a call to the email list for volunteers from the local community? BTW, the nest is on the south side.