The Hunchback of Heron Road

Finally, photos in which the chick is recognizable as a living creature!P1130326 4

It’s already at the “hunchback” stage, in which the chick is hunched over with its head angled forward. This begins around Day 15, which means the little fella/gal hatched around May 15.

P1130344 3

In related news: I’m 99.9% sure there’s a second chick. Do you see the tiny dark smudge barely visible just to the left of the chick above, at the level of its belly? It moved and changed size ever so slightly. More than once. Yes, I probably was in the sun too long, but that doesn’t mean I was hallucinating.

Meanwhile, Rowena or Ivanhoe was perched on the next ledge to the right.

P1130355 2

A couple of ledges over to the left, dinner was waiting.

P1130358 1

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