June 15 – It’s been a long but exciting day

The Falcon Watch started at 6:20 a.m. with Dominique Marshall. I arrived around 7:30. Lots of flapping and napping, and then they switched to napping and flapping. Dom had to leave around 9, so I stayed on. At noon, with everyone napping, I figured it was as safe as I could expect to pop home for a bit to grab a bite, check email, etc. Naturally, I was wrong, and I came back to news that a chick was on the opposite side of the building. It had been seen trying to land, almost falling, then landing successfully.

James Kennep and Alex deVries each went around the building to try to confirm, but saw nothing. Then, just as Alistair Steele (CBC Radio reporter) arrived, the chick reappeared on the roof. So it had indeed flown from the ledge.

There was much posturing, the offering of a dead pigeon for the little fella, a plucking and beheading how-to  and, eventually, a consolation prize of pigeon nibbles for his sister back home on the nest ledge. It was quite a treat for us to watch, if not to snack on.

Everything quieted down for a bit. By this time the Lorraine Montoya had joined me, and we enjoyed more falcon shenanigans. The male flew to the east wall, where most ledges are covered by spiky anti-pigeon things. Once Nancy Scott arrived, the little guy hopped from one ledge to another, twice, then tried to fly around to the south of the building  He missed two landing attempts before nailing the third,

I’m falling asleep while typing, so will have to report more later. Suffice to say our male chick is getting the hang of flying and the female is getting there. Both were on the south face of the building at sundown.

We need volunteers urgently for this weekend. Email volunteer@falconwatch.ca!

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