June 15 – Part II

Mom shows her male chick how to prepare pigeon, June 15.

Friday was very exciting day, since the male chick has started flying! A total of five times, in fact. He’s had a couple of challenges landing where he wants, and was very proud to get up to the roof. But he was miffed later to land on a ledge on the east side with a lot of spiky pigeon deterrents. So he made short  flights to two other ledges (same problem), then flew went back to the south side of the building. That involved a couple of aborted landings before settling for a ledge about halfway up. He tucked in for the night at about 8:30. His sister has been watching the young male’s antics with curiosity but has not yet tried to fly. Mom kept her company for most of the afternoon and evening, and was still there at sundown.

Since it’s been such short notice, we have few people who have volunteered for shifts yet for the weekend. So if you can help out, please email volunteer@falconwatch.ca, call or text me at 613-322-5269, or call Nancy Scott at 613-253-1490. (She’ll get the email as well.) She’s now doing the scheduling.

We’re still trying to sort out logistics for where to keep the log book and equipment, and we’re trying to find the instructions and other paperwork. We’ll email copies to everyone if we can.

Friday, we moved from our spot next to the southernmost parking lot, way back from the building, to the visitor parking lot at the southeast corner, much closer to the building, so we could monitor both chicks. You may have to experiment with the best vantage point. The original nest location is on the second ledge to the right, above the topmost window on the south side (facing Heron Rd.) Last night, the male ended up on the fourth ledge down, second from left. He’s also spent time on the roof, and on the east ledges. When the birds go further back onto the ledge, it can be almost impossible to see them. The best vantage points in that case are further back and from the higher points of land.

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