One is the loneliest number

P1130403 1After a week of looking for more chicks at the Heron Road nest site, I have to concede that I was overly optimistic. Despite my best attempts to turn shadows into hatchlings, there’s only one lonely chick. There was enough activity on the nest ledge today that any others would surely have made an appearance.

When I arrived, Rowena was with her chick, feeding it and nuzzling it. They were in the middle of the ledge, next P1130431 2P1130437 3P1130448 4to the mysterious brown lump of organic material that was there last year as well. Rowena appeared to be breaking pieces of the brown lump off to give to the chick, which only added to my curiosity about the lumps’ origins and ingredients.

Rowena eventually flew off and Ivanhoe took her place. But apparently she wasn’t pleased with his parenting skills, so she came back for a few minutes and shooed him away.

When Rowena moved to the corner where the nest is, the chick shuffled after her. Mom spent some time in the nest — doing what, I don’t know — as her chick watched.

After Rowena flew off once again, the chick spent some time looking over the edge of the ledge (yikes!), then did a face plant in a sunny spot.

Nap time.

As for the downtown site, I looked from the 21st floor of Constitution Square again on Friday, and there were still no chicks visible.

One of the adults, however, was sitting next the spot where the nest was. Its head popped up several times above the wall surrounding the ledge. After some preening, the bird would duck down again for minutes at a time. Unfortunately, we can’t see what’s going on back there. Maybe nothing.

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