Morning update

Tim Loucks and I took the first shift, and Dominique Marshall joined us for a while. After the male chick flew to the next ledge over, where Mom was, the female chick started flapping like mad, clearly wanting to join her brother.

Female chick on the nest ledge.

We were ready to run but then things settled down for a while. But by the time Marian Bird and Gillan Mastromatteo arrived for the shift, the male chick was getting restless. He made several longish flights in quick succession, practicing his landings.

He also managed to fly to where his parents had left him food on the SW corner of the roof, and he plucked it himself! After that well deserved meal, he began flying again and at one point spent 3 minutes (Gillian timed it) soaring high overhead.

He’s doing tremendously well and, after the first few times sprinting around the building to keep him in sight, Marian and I decided we weren’t running after him anymore unless there appeared to be something very wrong. One thing to note: He flies alarmingly low to swoop in for landings on the east face, because he’s figured out that not all the lower ledges have spikes.

The female chick is still working on her first flight, but I don’t think it will be too long now before she gives it a shot.

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