3 thoughts on “Nest activity

  1. From the position of the shadows, it looks like the video was taken in the early morning. I think the adult in the video may be feeding young that is not visible.

    I was there later that morning, from 9:00 to 9:20. When I arrived, I saw the male perched at the west end and the female was feeding a young; I could not see the young but the way the female presented the food made it evident that she was feeding a young, probably only one since the food was always presented at the same place in the nest. After I was sure of what I was seeing, I took a video, but at that point the female was mostly feeding herself.

    After about 5 minutes, the female flew away with the prey and joined the male on the N-W corner on top of the building. A minute or 2 later, they flew after a small raptor, probably a Merlin, and one adult went to the nest.

    After a couple minutes, the other adult perched in front of the nest for a few minutes, flew away, perched on the ledge in front of the nest, then there was an exchange on the nest. I observed a similar exchange on the nest this morning, May 14 around 9:00. I have photos that I will provide later.