Nest updates

A couple of weeks after we lost our roof access to monitor the downtown nest (a reaction to an incident at another building owned by Oxford Properties, and nothing to do with us), I was able to arrange a visit yesterday to an office that I hoped would provide a decent view of the ledge. Well, the vantage point wasn’t ideal, but it’s the best we can do right now, and it was enough to confirm that Diana is sitting on her eggs.

At first I could see nothing. But after half an hour of scanning, I finally spotted Diana’s wingtips peeking out from behind the wall of the ledge. Hopefully there will be some increased activity or other indication when the eggs hatch.


Over on Heron Rd. yesterday evening, Alex and I watched as Rowena fidgeted and fussed over her nest. She was more visible and active than ever, and spent a lot of time looking down intently.


Ivanhoe perched on the west side of the building, then flew in as we were leaving. Rowena flew off, leaving Ivanhoe on the nest ledge. Rather than sit on the nest, he sat next to it, watching. It would have been the best opportunity so far to catch a glimpse of eggs or chicks in the nest. Unfortunately, the scope was already packed up on the back of my bike, we were already down the hill at Heron, and it was getting dark. I figured that by the time I could get back up onto the overpass, set up the tripod and scope and take a look, it would be too dark and/or someone would be back on the nest. So I decided to come back during the weekend for another look.

While we didn’t spot any chicks, the falcons’ behaviour suggests that hatching is imminent or has already started.

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