Juvenile plumage starting to show through

I got a chance to check on the chicks on Friday after that exhilarating Netherlands-Spain match (the Dutch soundly trounced the Spanish, in case you weren’t paying attention). As usual, photo quality is bleh thanks to distance and windy conditions, but adrenaline may have made me shaky too. Hey, it was an exciting game for my peeps.

The chicks’ faces are now mostly free of down, and their brown-and-buff juvenile plumage is emerging, including obvious flight feathers. In the photo below, they appear to be around 28 days old. So we’re on track to start the Falcon Watch on Saturday, June 21, when they will be around 36 days old. I will probably spend some time at the site on Thursday and Friday as well, in case anyone decides to launch early.

Please do feel free book and shift (or two or three) or to drop by at any time. The chicks are now much easier to spot than a couple of weeks ago.


Data Centre chicks, June 13, 2014.

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