Pringle graduates from basic flight training

Pringle has graduated from basic flight training to the advanced class, so we wrapped up the official Falcon Watch on Friday. Sorry for the delay in posting, but I needed a few days’ rest.

Thanks to Claire, Tim and Marian for braving the rain on the final day, and to Frank for checking in on Friday evening. Scroll down to see a photo he took of Pringle (left) and his mom Rowena perched on the south side at dusk, and another of Pringle standing guard over the flag (he’s on the very top left, on the corner of the roof).

Frank says he saw Pringle knock one of his parents off a ledge. That may make the young bird sound like a juvenile delinquent, but rest assured this is normal behaviour at this stage.

I also received reports on the weekend from Janet (Pringle was perched on the south side late Saturday morning), Rémy (Pringle was having breakfast on the nest ledge around 9:15 a.m Sunday, and one of the adults was nearby), and Phil (no sign of falcons later on Sunday). I dropped by on Saturday afternoon to see what the noise was like from the music festival at the RA Centre — not as loud as Thursday’s sound check, but bylaw officers promised to monitor the situation. The falcons were not hanging around, so we can conclude they’re not fond of really, really loud electronic dance music.

If you have the time and the interest, we encourage you to continue checking in on the falcons this summer, and to let us know if you see any accidents, incidents, interesting behaviour or fantastic feats of flying that you think are worth reporting.


Photo by Frank Marshall.


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