Pringle’s progress

I arrived at 6 a.m. today to see the building shrouded in fog. All was quiet. So I retrieved our equipment from the security office, made my way to the south side of the building, set up my chair and sat down to enjoy my coffee. Dominique arrived in the meantime, and asked if I had seen Pringle on the ledge. I said I thought I’d seen him as I was getting out of the car, but visibility wasn’t great, and we can’t always see him if he’s tucked into the back of the ledge, so I couldn’t be sure.

Still, there was no reason to think he wasn’t there, even when one of the adults flew over to the nest ledge and perched there for a while. Many falcon chicks might have reacted to one of their parents arriving for a visit, but Pringle sometimes makes a point of ignoring them. And if he had flown, I reasoned, there would be a bit of a commotion or the adults would at least seem a bit agitated.

The adult flew off, but soon came back with a meal. Still no reaction. That’s when we decided we should make sure Pringle was in fact tucked back on the ledge. I walked around to check from different vantage points, strolled over to check the east ledges, and even checked the grass at the base of the building. Next, I got out my scope and set it up on the overpass sidewalk, from where I knew I could see most of the right side of the ledge. Nothing. So I moved over to the Transitway station for a better look at the left side of the ledge. Nothing.

Now we were getting nervous. So Dominique offered to circle the building to look for Pringle. She soon found him perched on the northeast corner of the brick structure on the annex, the lower building on the north side of the Data Centre. Phew!

Pringle, 23 June 2013

Pringle, 23 June 2013

Neither the chick nor the adult shared our anxiety. To the contrary, the adult was still on the nest ledge, chowing down on a hearty breakfast and making clucking noises. Pringle, meanwhile, looked entirely relaxed. He watched a pigeon flying overhead, shook his feathers a bit, looked at us, and then began exploring the roof.

By the time Chris arrived, he had flown or hopped down to the lower level of the roof, and was beginning to flap his wings. He soon flew again, circling over the roof before landing on the south edge of the annex roof. Meanwhile, mom Rowena flew to the north side of the main building, and dad Ivanhoe perched on the west side to keep an eye on Pringle’s progress.

So did we. Dominique soon had to leave, but Janet and Lorraine arrived for their shift. Pringle remained fairly active, so both Chris and I stuck around for a while longer, just in case. Naturally, he didn’t actually fly again until we left, but Lorraine reports that Pringle is now on a ledge above the annex windows.

So far, so good.


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