Random sightings

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates on Ottawa’s Peregrine Falcons, but several people have sent in reports of sightings in the past month or so. Time for an update!

The most recent report, with photo, comes from Melva Peever, who photographed a falcon perched on her 25th-floor balcony overlooking the Ottawa River near the Deschênes Rapids on Oct. 31.


Photo by Melva Peever.


Falcon Watch veteran Dominique Marshall also sent in a couple of photos showing the Data Centre birds on Oct. 24. As those who walk or drive by that building know, it’s unusual to see both Rowena and Ivanhoe at the same time once the nesting and fledging season is over. That’s Rowena in the first photo and Ivanhoe in the second, each on their favourite ledges. No sign of young Pringle lately. He has no doubt migrated or moved on to establish his own territory.


Photo by Dominique Marshall.


Photo by Dominique Marshall.


Speaking of young falcons, there were a couple of interesting sightings in early September. I went to see a flock of American Golden Plovers in the west end, just off Twin Elm Rd. Seconds after I got there, a young Peregrine swooped in and cleared the entire field of birds. A couple of days later, Lorraine Elworthy reported seeing a juvenile falcon just east of there at the Burnside Pit. Was it Pringle or another young falcon from the Ottawa area? We’ll never know, but keep your eyes open for those Peregrines. Based on various reports, I have a feeling the local population is on the rise.

The downtown falcons, meanwhile, are still being seen. When Alex and I checked the Delta during the OFNC Fall Bird Count, we found one of them perched on the northeast corner. I though I would have to content myself with just one PEFA for the day’s tally (I pride myself in finding the downtown falcons during both the fall and Christmas bird counts). But 20 minutes later, as we cycled along the river near the War Museum, we saw falcon No. 2 fly in from the west, headed back to the Delta.

One thought on “Random sightings

  1. The Falcons are doing fine as of Nov 29th. I was standing at the OC transpo bus stop and heard some screeching. I watched the sky for a little bit and saw one of the Falcons land on their balcony. This was so so cool. I will have to look when it is lighter outside. 7am it is still dark