Favourite hangout

St-Laurent-2I received an email recently from Rich Gunhouse, Director of Marketing for The Corporate Centre (TCC) Canada, an office solutions and virtual office provider that recently set up shop on the top floor of 1730 St. Laurent Blvd. Staff there were thrilled to discover a pair of Peregrine Falcons visiting the ledges outside their windows just about every afternoon.

I went to see for myself, but of course the falcons didn’t cooperate that day. I did, however, check the roof for any signs of a nest. There are suitable sheltered areas, but the noise up there from the building’s HVAC, etc., make it rather inhospitable for a long-term stay.
St-Laurent-4In any case, from the photos Rich sent, it looks like this could be Ivanhoe and Rowena, based on the larger female’s overall brown colouring. As we know, they already have a nesting site, but may be using the building at St. Laurent and Industrial as a secondary hangout, much like the downtown falcons spend time at Tunney’s Pasture.

The building isn’t very tall — just eight storeys — but it’s among the highest building in sight, and the top floor is surrounded by wide ledges that provide a nice lookout over the surrounding land.





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