Getting sleepy

The title of this post does not referring to Pringle. He’s already been fast asleep for hours on the edge of the Data Centre roof. No, the title refers to all the volunteers, me included.

Claire, Lorraine, Brian, Marian, Laura, Rick, James and I all spent a few hours today running around following Pringle or craning our necks trying to find him when he disappeared on the roof. His takeoffs and landings are improving each day and his flying seemed less flappy today, but he’s still very much a novice compared to his parents.

The most interesting report of the day came from Laura, who says she saw Pringle actually give chase to a small bird. Not surprisingly, it got away.

Far more surprising was the absence of both adults at sunset. After a good meal, a bit of flying and some time with his mom, Pringle settled into the southwest corner of the roof. Rowena had flown off, and we hadn’t seen Ivanhoe in quite some time, so he was alone. Usually the parents come back at nightfall, but there was no sign of them. They may have installed themselves on another side of the building, out of sight, and left Pringle alone to build his independence. But after three nights of Rowena herding him to a ledge at dusk, it was odd to see him still on his own at 9:30 p.m.

Anyway, I’m too tired to post much, so here are some photos taken just before sunset.

IMG_2228 1 IMG_2241 2 IMG_2250 3

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