Takeoffs and landings

Amber balances on the roof ledge. Photo by Gillian Mastromatteo

Both Data and Amber continue to hone their skills. They seem to have the flying itself under control, but their landings still need some work. That is, they can both land just fine, but they often have trouble touching down exactly where they want to.

It’s funny to watch how each reacts to missing the mark. Data, when he botches a landing, tends to flap off, seemingly flustered, and either lands somewhere nearby that’s easier to get to or flies out of sight. Amber, on the other hand, simply tries again.

Ivanhoe. Photo by Gillian Mastromatteo

The falcon chicks stayed in the shade for much of yesterday but didn’t take the day off entirely. Amber did a few more fast, powerful and low swoops around the building, and landed on the roof of the lower building again for a while. She tried landing on the security camera, on the spotlights over the big Canada sign, on the corner of the roof and on various ledges with mixed results. She ended the day on a south facing ledge, where Rowena delivered a substantial meal.

Data did some more long distance flying and joined Amber on her ledge in the evening — in time for dinner. He eventually flew to another ledge, closer to Rowena, and tried to get back to Amber but couldn’t quite manage to land. So he settled for spending the night on the nest ledge.

Here’s more video from Frank, this time showing Amber trying to land.

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