Triple threat!


Three chicks at the Data Centre, 5 June 2014.

I finally made it back to the Data Centre this evening for another look at the two chicks in fading daylight.

At first, nothing to see except for Ivanhoe and Rowena, who appeared to have switched spots — that is, Rowena had commandeered Ivanhoe’s favourite perch on the top left ledge, and he was one ledge to the right. It was nap time, and both appeared to be doing their best to ignore the nest ledge.

I watched and I waited, and I waited and I watched, but saw no movement besides a dark feather stuck to the front of the nest ledge, fluttering in the wind.

FInally, a flash of white fluff appeared next to the notorious brown lump in the centre of the ledge! Then a head, briefly, and then another head. I snapped some photos through my scope, hoping to get an image sharp enough that I could finally age the chicks with some accuracy.

Then, suddenly, three heads in a fuzzy little huddle! (Right after leaving the site, I was thrilled to see Dominique Marshall crossing the street — someone with whom to share the exciting news!)

Based on the photo below, and the lack of obvious feather development, I estimate the chicks (or on of them, anyway) to be around 20 or 21 days old — but I welcome other opinions. If I’m right, and they hatched around the May 16, the Falcon will need to start around June 21.

Stay tuned!


Data Centre, 5 June 2014.

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