I went to check on the Data Centre nest again this afternoon, hoping to get a better look at the chick and maybe estimate its age. I did indeed get a better look, but can’t yet say with any confidence when the chick hatched. Roy John did tell me that his Monday morning birding group saw an adult Peregrine standing over the nest on their last outing, looking down, so it may have hatched by then.

As I stood there watching for the chick’s head to pop up — which it did, intermittently — I wondered if I wasn’t seeing an errant wing also pop up occasionally, but in the wrong place. Sure enough, after 10 minutes of careful observation, I saw two little fuzzy heads pop up together.

The photographic evidence, as usual with these nest shots, is less than impressive, but I did manage a frame showing one chick’s head.


Data Centre, May 25, 2014.


One thought on “Two!

  1. Thank you for the updates. I was one of the first (if not the first) to spot one of the falcons flying above the corner of Riverside Dr and Baseline Rd. three years ago. I love to hear what’s going on with the family!