Still flightless …

This morning, Rémy and Jacqueline, reported a fair amount of activity, including a lot of flapping and a feeding. By the time Rick and I arrived for the next shift, things had quieted down, and they mostly stayed that way until late in the day.

Rowena and Ivanhoe mostly stayed away from the nest ledge, but when they did land there, the chicks seemed mostly — and oddly — indifferent. They took an occasional break from napping to preen or practise a bit of flapping, but it never lasted long, and they were generally less active than I would have expected.

The highlights were the building getting evacuated for a fire drill or perhaps a potential fire, and Eve Ticknor, former Falcon Watch coordinator, dropping in for a short visit.

It may have been the heavy, humid air that made the chicks complacent, because they did liven up after the skies cleared a bit and the humidity lifted early in the evening. James and I watched Ivanhoe make about four very brief landings in quick succession. For the first time in hours, the chicks got very excited, and began flapping and running with gusto for what seemed like a very long time.

After I left, there were a few similar episodes, but they appeared to have settled in for the evening under Chris and Marie’s watch when I dropped by a couple of hours later.

So, still no flights, but they are definitely getting closer.

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