Waiting out the fog

Photo by Clayre Bertrand

Photo by Clayre Bertrand

St. Laurent seems to be a popular street for Peregrines’ peregrinations lately. Clayre Bertrand, who lives a few kilometres north of the TCC offices, also on St. Laurent, spotted this falcon perched on her balcony on the 25th floor.

This was on Nov. 22, which was a rather miserable day, weather-wise. The fog would have made it difficult to hunt, so maybe the falcon (possibly Rowena?) decided to wait out the weather on Clayre’s balcony.

Clayre took the opportunity to shoot a short video in which she describes hearing a screech and looking out to see the falcon. She says she had seen the bird fly past her windows the day before.

Merci, Clayre, d’avoir partagé cette observation, la photo et la vidéo !

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