I stopped by the Data Centre yesterday (Wednesday) and found one of the adults perched next to the nest. Interesting. Soon, it climb back into the nest, but stood there, hunched over, rather than hunkering down flat as usual. Also interesting. Based on the behaviour, I suspected there was either a chick already or hatching in progress, but I couldn’t see anything other than the adult Peregrine.

So I returned this evening (Thursday), and found an adult standing in the nest. I thought it seemed small and rather dark, so guessed it was Ivanhoe. My suspicions were confirmed five minutes later when a much larger and browner adult landed on the ledge. Rowena had left Ivanhoe to tend to the nest, but now she was back and eager to take over from him.

As the two adults switched places, I saw it! The top of a round, white, fluffy head and a hint of dark eyes barely peeking above the edge of the nest. It was a fairly fleeting but unmistakable glimpse, repeated a few minutes later.

Did I get pictures? Oh come on — you try! Best I could do was this photo of Rowena looking all proud and maternal … or something. Use your imagination!

I’ll try to get more views in the coming days to determine the chick’s age, so stay tuned. But it’s probably safe to say we’ll have a the Falcon Watch starting in late June.


3 thoughts on “Yes!

  1. Thank you for the good news, Anouk, and for your vigilance.
    I am looking forward to see this new little one learn to fly.

  2. CORRECTION: I’ve edited the post above to say the Falcon Watch will probably start in late June (not July). Thanks to Rick Collins for pointing out my mistake.